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How To Determine The Fuse With Right Size
In the last 5 years, electrical fires have resulted in the loss of property worth billions of US dollars. With many high-rises coming up in the various cities across this country, it becomes extremely important for right size fuses to be installed by electricians in your home to reduce the chances of an electrical fire. A fuse is a useful safety device that contains a conductive element, which allows the current to flow through it under normal conditions. If the fuse detects an overflow of current that is more than the fuse rating, the element melts, thereby stopping the current flow.
Using a correct size fuse is important if you want to make your home safe and secure in case of an overload or short circuit. While an undersized fuse will disrupt the normal power supply, using an oversized fuse will render it unable to stop the excessive current generated during overload.
As per the NEC guidelines, before you hire an electrician to install a fuse, you must ask him to determine the ampere rating of the circuit. The ampere rating of the fuse should be little higher than the circuit rating. You can calculate the amperage by finding the total load or wattage of the circuit and divide it by the voltage being supplied.
For example, a 110-volt AC current is supplied to all American households. If the circuit makes use of 1200 watts, then the amount of current flowing through the circuit at any time will be 1200/110= 10.9 amperes. In such a scenario, one needs to use a 15 Amp fuse in the circuit.
Professional electricians suggest that you take extra care while selecting the right size fuse for circuits that are connected to induction motors or wire coil windings. This is because such circuits experience a greater in-rush of current when the power is being switched on and would use less power while the device is running. In such a case, you need to buy a specially designed fuse for the induction motor or a fuse that comes with a time delay rating.
When selecting a fuse, you should find out about the type of voltage that it would be protecting. It is possible to buy a different fuse for protecting an AC or a DC circuit, or one can buy a dual rated fuse that can handle both kinds of power. If you are unable to determine the right size of the fuse yourself, then take the help of experienced electricians in your city to find the correct safety device.

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