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You Can Check Your Car's Fuses By Yourself To Save Time And Money
You can easily spend more money than you need to if you get a mechanic to look for an electrical problem in your car without checking your fuses first. Your cars electrical system is protected by the fuses that are located in the fuse block and that could be the only problem with the component that is not working.
Some times your radio won't come on, some of the lights won't work, or wipers quit working for no reason. Some cars and trucks even have an overload system on the ignition that can act like starter problems. You can spend a massive amount of time trying to run these problems down if you don't take the time to check the fuses in your electrical system first. Before you take you car in for a costly fix you must at least take the time to check the fuses in the fuse block to see if there is a problem at that point. A blown fuse could be the source of numerous different troubles, and you might end up saving a lot of money if you catch it yourself. The fuse makes a bridge circuit from the power supply to the circuit being powered. Occasionally it joins several powered objects. For instance your horn, running lights, and brake lights could all be powered from just one fuse. A fuse can only manage so much power before burning out to protect the items being powered in the circuit. Fuses work on the same principle as a surge protector. When a power surge runs through the fuse, it blows without allowing the excess power to melt your wiring or expensive electrical gadgets in your car that might not stand up to the load.
A fuse is simply a safety measure against a circuit overload. When the fuse blows it makes the circuit incomplete, protecting the rest of the circuit from the additional power load.

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