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Residual-Current Circuit Breakers

Residual-Current Circuit Breakers

The residual-current protection modules can be connected to the bottom of the circuit-breaker NZM1 and NZM2 (on the NZM1 on the right) with the same contour design.
This device combination fulfils the following tasks: 
1. Conduct and switch current up to 250 A
2. Protection with overload, short-circuit and fault current. 
A compact and mounting-friendly solution!

Alternatively the modules can be combined with switch-disconnectors N. An external auxiliary voltage is not required. The residual-current protection module of the NZM2 is independent of the mains voltage and can thus be used for personnel protection in Germany.

You can select between pulse current sensitive and AC/DC sensitive devices. There are 3 and 4-pole devices featuring different rated fault currents available for almost every mains constellation: from 30 mA to time-discriminating 3 A.

In the event of a fault the residual-current-operated circuit-breaker on the NZM1 will initially indicate the rising fault current via an LED. Only when the adjusted fault current is exceeded will the residual-current release of the circuit-breaker trip. This means: the main contacts are opened. The cause of the trip is indicated mechanically on the NZM1 and 2.

Optional auxiliary contacts can be clipped on in order to remotely indicate the trip. The circuit-breaker and the residual-current release must be reset and switched back on in order to restore the power supply.

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